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The purpose of this notice is to inform you of KAL Insurance Services’ (“KALIS”) privacy policies and procedures. We protect your nonpublic personal information (“NPI”) from disclosures that are not allowed by law or restricted or disallowed in this Privacy Notice. KALIS gives this Notice as a service to all valued customers and to comply with the requirements of the law.


This Initial Privacy Notice describes how KALIS collects, discloses and protects the personal information we gather about you. We may materially change our privacy policies and procedures, and if we do we will notify you before we make the changes.




1) Categories of NPI We Collect.


We may collect certain nonpublic personal information when underwriting, administering or servicing an insurance policy, or in handling a claim. It may be collected from such persons or organizations as our affiliates, independent insurance agents or brokers, a policyholder, a claimant, or a claimant's employer. We may collect nonpublic personal information from persons retained by a claimant or by us in the process of administering or servicing a policy, or handling a claim. Such people might include physicians, attorneys, and accountants as permitted or required by law.

Information that may be collected includes, but is not limited to, an individual's name, address, telephone number, social security number, motor vehicle reports, policy number, premium and/or premium payment history and medical history. We also may collect from a claimant the claimant's name, address, telephone number, social security number, claim number, date of loss, type of loss, cause of loss, and the value of claim.

2) Categories of NPI We Disclose.


Nonpublic personal information may be shared with affiliated and nonaffiliated third parties in order to administer or service an insurance policy or a claim, and as otherwise permitted or required by law.


3) Categories of Affiliates and Nonaffiliated Third Parties to Whom We Disclose NPI.


  1. To a third party if the disclosure will enable that party to perform a business, professional or insurance function for us.


  1. To an insurance institution, agent, or credit reporting agency in order to detect or prevent criminal activity, fraud or misrepresentation in connection with an insurance transaction.


  1. To an insurance institution, agent, or credit reporting agency for either this agency or the entity to which we disclose the information to perform a function in connection with an insurance transaction involving you.


  1.  To a medical care institution or medical professional in order to verify coverage or benefits, inform you of a medical problem of which you may not be aware, or conduct an audit that would enable us to verify treatment.


  1. To the California Department of Insurance or other insurance regulatory authority, law enforcement, or other governmental authority in order to protect our interests in preventing or prosecuting fraud, or if we believe that you have conducted illegal activities.


  1. To a group policyholder for the purpose of reporting claims experience or conducting an audit of our operations or services.


  1. Others as permitted or required by law.

4) Opting Out of Disclosure to Nonaffiliated Third Parties We Market Joint Products With.


If you don’t want us to disclose NPI about you to nonaffiliated third parties, you may tell us so. This is known as “opting-out”. The law requires that we give you notice and an opportunity to prevent disclosure of your NPI to affiliated third parties. We may share NPI about you if we do not hear from you within 45 days of receiving our “opt-out notice”. We will provide you with an electronic means or a toll free phone number or a postage paid return form to make your selection. However you may opt-out at any time. Your “opt-out” will remain in effect until revoked in writing by you. Just call or write or email us.


5) How We Protect the Confidentiality and Security of NPI.


We protect and safeguard your NPI. We control access to nonpublic personal information to those who need access to provide products and services to policyholders and to others as permitted or required by law. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to better protect against the misuse of nonpublic information under our control.

6) Modifications to our Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change our privacy policies in the future, which could include sharing nonpublic personal information with nonaffiliated third parties for purposes other than as stated in this notice. We will provide you a revised privacy notice before we do that.


7) Your Right to Access, Copy Review and Request Correction of NPI.


You have the right to access, copy, review and request correction of any NPI in our possession. You must make this request to us in writing and we have 45 days to allow you to review your NPI. If you believe that there is an error in the information, you may request in writing that it be corrected. We have 45 days from receiving the request to make the correction or to inform you as to why we will not make the requested change and the reasons why.  If you disagree with the refusal, you may supply us with a concise statement why you disagree and it will be filed with your NPI.


8) Allowed or Required Disclosure of NPI Under Specific Exceptions.


The law allows or requires us to disclose NPI in the following situations. You may not prevent our disclosure of your NPI as authorized by law.


  1. With your written authorization.

  2. To a non-insurance entity if it is reasonably necessary for us to properly do our business and the other entity agrees not to disclose the NPI.

  3. To an insurance entity if the disclosure helps the receiving party perform an insurance transaction for you or if it is reasonably necessary to detect or prevent criminal activity, fraud or misrepresentation in connection with an insurance transaction.

  4. To a medical professional in order to:

    1. Verify coverage or benefits, conduct operations or service audits; or

    2. Inform a person of a medical problem they might not be aware of.

  5. To the Department of Insurance, law enforcement or other governmental entity including an administrative or court order, or as is otherwise required or permitted by law.

  6. To conduct actuarial or research studies if there are proper safeguards.

  7. To facilitate the sale of whole or part of an insurance business.

  8. To a wholly owned affiliate whose only use will be for marketing a financial product or service provided that.

    1. No medical or character information may be disclosed.

    2. The person getting the information agrees to use it only for the purposes for which it was intended

  9. To a nonaffiliated third party for the marketing of a joint financial product or service with us provided that:

    1. The information can only be used by the nonaffiliate for marketing our joint financial product.

    2. You have been given the opportunity to opt-out and have not done so.

    3. No medical information is disclosed.

  10. By a consumer reporting agency if the information does not go to an entity.

  1. To a group policyholder to report claims experience or do an audit or to a certificate holder or policyholder to inform them of the status of an insurance transaction.

  2. To a professional peer review organization to review medical care.

  3. To the government to determine eligibility for health benefits.

  4. To a lien holder, etc. or any other having a legal interest in an insurance policy to the extent that the disclosure is needed to protect their interest.

9).  Links to other Sites

Our website has links to sites we felt might be useful to you. When you link to another site, you are no longer on our site and are subject to the privacy policy of the new site.


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